Registration Instruction

Registration Instructions

1. Please create an account and login

1.1 Choose “Sign up” (If you don’t have account)

-Fill information to create account or Continue login with Facebook

register image

1.2 Login

-Before register event, please login with username password or Continue with Facebook

login image

 Choose an event.

Example: Choose Muang Thai Chiang Mai Marathon Event.

even example

3. Choose a distance and fill in all your information.

4. Recheck all of your runner information.

After recheck all your information click “Proceed to Checkout” to go to payment page

5. Choose payment methods (Direct bank transfer or Paypal).

choose direct bank or paypal

5.1 After choose payment method click “PLACE ORDER”

-For PayPal, As soon as you submit your payment, the system will send a PayPal confirmation to your email.

-After you have successfully made payment, you can check the payment status in the “My Account -> Order” menu or the payment confirmation email that you will receive.

-The payment confirmed will not be shown yet as it takes 1-3 days before staff can confirm they have received your payment.

-For direct bank transfer, please provide your transfer information by uploading the payment slip in the menu “Confirm Payment”.

-For direct bank transfer, please transfer in 3 days after online register.

5.2 Example: Our bank account information

5.3 Example: Confirm payment page

Go to “Confirm Payment” menu

  1. Fill your transfer information.
  2. Choose our Bank account
  3. Uploading the payment slip in